Best of UK Wedding Photography 2017

Another year over and another year that seemed to go in the blink of an eye. Although thinking back to last January it feels like a lifetime ago when we were caught in what the media dubbed ‘Snowpocalypse’ over in Portland, nervously preparing our talk for the incredible ‘Mystic Seminars’. We would repeat that talk in Romania a few months later at ‘Wedd Camp’ organised by the most fantastic group of photographers working hard to support the growing community of wedding photographers in Eastern Europe. The first 6 months of the year were jam packed with travel, fitting in an epically romantic engagement shoot in the breath-taking city of Rome and a scorcher of a wedding in Bordeaux in a picturesque Chateaux surrounded by vineyards topped off with a perfect sunset. In any other year any one of these trips would have been enough, but July would see us embarking on the 14 hour flight to Singapore to shoot another awe inspiring wedding. I’ll admit, by the time July rolled around we were pretty tired out with travelling and flights, with so many crammed in to a fairly short space of time. We went there to shoot a wedding and we came back with a newfound love for a place and culture that neither of us had experienced before. Not to mention the people we met out there, and the amazing couple who brought us over in the first place!

Our time spent shooting weddings here in the UK was just as incredible as our time abroad, from iconic venues like The Savoy Hotel and Goodwood House, to personal favourites like the Lake District’s Silverholme Manor. A chilly, early season start to the year at The Normans gave way to a lovely summer, exploring new places like Hengrave Hall and MC Motors as well as old favourites Middleton Lodge and Peckforton Castle. Not to mention an absolutely one of a kind wedding festival in down in Cambridge complete with Hot Tub Busses and a flock of Pink Flamingos. We even shot another family wedding, with Verity’s sister and her husband saying their vows overlooking the sea in Western Scotland. That and two weddings for our long-time friends and old University Housemates had us looking at how much things have changed over the last 8 years in business and reminded us just how lucky we are to be able to photograph people in love for a living.

Last year was possibly the most diverse year we’ve had in our time as Sansom Photography, working in three continents in venues that ranged from country manors to urban warehouses and everything in between. Looking back at each of these weddings it would be hard for most people to find any correlation between them, yet as different as they all are, the couples all seemed to have that special something in common. More than just people in love, these were couples who we both unreservedly believed in, couples who reminded us just how grateful we are – not for our job or the travel it allows us to do – but to have found someone to share all of it with. We can’t imagine not sharing all of this with each other, so we thought we’d share our best bits of 2017 with all of you.

– Chris & Verity 




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