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We’ve been to a lot of different countries over the years, experienced different cultures and seen some incredible sights yet there have only been a few places that we’ve really loved. Certainly nowhere that would prepare us for the instant connection we felt for the beautiful country that is Singapore. In fact in the last 7 and a half years and nearly 300 weddings nothing could have prepared us for not just Singapore, but Nikki, Adrian and their incredible celebrations.

Taking place over 6 days in two continents (The UK half of the wedding to follow soon) this is the Singapore half of their wedding celebrations which took place at the Church of St Teresa followed by the Tower Club and later the spectacular Fullerton Bay Hotel with the help of Michelle at Hitched Weddings. Despite the amazing venues, and country that we could happily live in what we’ll remember most about Nikki and Adrian’s Singapore wedding isn’t the details, decorations or setting. It’s the people we met who we’ll remember the most. Family, Friends, Bridesmaids and Groomsmen, it didn’t matter who we talked to we immediately felt like we weren’t just capturing what we saw, we were welcomed into it. We’ve really never met two people quite as open and welcoming as Nikki and Adrian and the more time we spend with them the more we saw the affect that has on the people they meet.

When you photograph weddings every weekend one thing becomes very quickly apparent – every relationship is different. There’s no right or wrong, better or worse, but each couple we meet spend their time differently and interact differently. Seeing what makes their love for each other unique is one of the things we appreciate the most about what we do. When we tell people we work together full time we most often get one of two responses A – That must be lovely! Or B – We could never do that! I can see how, to many people, the amount of time we spend together must seem odd, but it’s what works for us and we love it. In Nikki’s speech during the UK based half of their wedding celebrations she talked about how people often ask her why she and Adrian spend so much time together. When she summed it up, with an eloquent and succinct “It could never be enough time” we realised that what we love most about Nikki and Adrian is the way they love each other. Maybe we’re not so strange for wanting to live and work together after all!

We’ve been thinking about what to write for this blog from the moment the plane lifted off in Singapore. At this point I don’t think we’ll ever quite be able to sum up Nikki and Adrian’s wedding in a few paragraphs, much less even begin to describe who they are as people. They have gone through ups and downs in business and in life, but they are the kind of couple who will always see the good in the world. They are the kind of people who leave an impact on everyone they meet, even a pair of photographers from Yorkshire.

– Chris & Verity

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