Chateaux de La Ligne Wedding Photographers Bordeaux

As photographers it’s easy to get caught up in the art of what we do, the same is true for the technical side of our work. We spend so many hours trying to create work that is artistic and technically perfect, utilising everything we’ve learned over the last decade of having a camera by our sides. Our own wedding was a turning point for us in the way we looked at things, we realised what it is we’re really doing every time we spend the weekend with our lenses fixed on two people in love. While we’re perfecting exposure and doing our best to create lasting art, the technical and artistic aspect of what we do pales in comparison to the intangible, unmeasurable feeling each image gives the couples we work with. We’re capturing memories.

As we looked through Tim and Charlotte’s wedding for the blog we were reminded that it’s not just memories for the two people at the front of the aisle that we’re capturing. It’s for everyone at the wedding and everyone who couldn’t be there. It’s for grandparents as much as it’s for future grand-children. Come to think of it, I can’t even imagine how many of our own memories are tied to images from weddings we’ve shot.

We want to make those memories as beautiful, authentic and technically perfect as possible, but we’ve always had the feeling that it’s all just icing on the cake. As we showed Tim and Charlotte a few images we loved on the back of our camera’s in a vineyard in Bordeaux during a particularly spectacular golden hour we had that same feeling.

Even before we flew over to France we knew that this would be the kind of wedding any photographer would love. We’d seen the venue online, met Tim and Charlotte a few times before and were fairly confident in the weather given what we’re used to in the UK. Their welcome BBQ the evening before the wedding gave us the chance to meet friends and family and in a few hours, we both felt more like guests than suppliers. Bordeaux was the perfect way to celebrate their shared loves of Food, Wine and Travel. They found the stunning Chateaux De-la-ligne and lived up to their promise that ‘nobody at the wedding would go hungry at any point’. But even the incredible sunset that night and the soon to be viral best man’s speech were just further icing on the cake.

They could have celebrated their wedding anywhere in the world and yet the most exciting thing for them would always have been their connection with their friends, family and most importantly each other. I think that’s why they were the perfect kind of couple for us, because that will always be the most important thing for us.

– Chris & Verity

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