I'm chris

The Person Behind The Lens

Two time UK Wedding Photographer of the year - Mywed

If I'm going to be following you around with my cameras for 12 hours you probably want to know a little bit more about me. I get an incredibly intimate glimpse into the lives of the people I shoot so it seems only right to tell you about my life beyond the photos.

I spent 3 years at Film School wanting to tell real love stories

I've always loved films about love, I'm not particularly snobbish either. Whether it's Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan above the Manhattan Skyline or Warren Beatty and Faye Dunaway going out in a hail of bullets. I've always felt like love is the most basic and most important thing we do. Love is just as captivating when it's stealing a moment outside the registry office as it is standing outside with a boombox playing Peter Gabriel. I think that's why I've found this strange affinity with wedding photography. I don't think anybody grows up with a burning desire to photograph weddings. I wanted a job that I loved, that felt like a bit of a cheat code for life, a 'not really a job' job. I feel incredibly lucky to have found that so early.


- Junebug WEDDINGS



I did my bachelors degree in

Most overused word:


Film Production

My favorite person is

you might have seen me on tv

I got to the final of Ninja Warrior twice

My amazing wife Verity


I’m addicted to

Desserts! I don't drink but I'm hooked on sugar!

Get tattoos, flying drones, triathlon & way too many films

i started this business

My perfect DAY OUT

Trip to the Lakes with the family

Having never attended a wedding

"Chris these photos are incredible. We are blown away by your work. Richard's mom actually cried with happiness looking at the photos because they were so beautiful. My entire family raved about how great of a job you did and how you meshed so well with the wedding party. I couldn't imagine having a different photographer at our wedding"

- Madison & Richard