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We always love a good London wedding and what better place to start than the iconic hotel featured in in the video for the Spicegirls ‘Wannabe’. The London St Pancras Renaissance hotel was the spectacular setting for Kat’s morning preparations. On the day of hers and Anand’s incredible MC Motors wedding towards the end of last year.

We had met up with Kat and Anand for their Ibiza engagement shoot the year before and had the chance to get to know them both a little better before the big day. We were both filled with excitement on the drive down to our hotel in London the evening before the wedding. It wasn’t the awesome locations or the detail we knew Kat and Anand had put into their day, it was the couple themselves, and what we knew would be a wedding to remember.

We actually first met Kat several years ago now where she was a bridesmaid for a particularly memorable couple. What was as apparent back then as it is looking through these photos is the importance of friends and family to both Kat and Anand. They had chosen an incredible venue in MC Motors, not to mention the breathtaking St Stephens in Hampstead where they held their ceremony. Yet despite the photogenic locations it was the people that made this one so interesting for us. Seeing couples having the time of their lives partying away into the evening is one of the most special parts of the day for us. As we said our goodbyes and headed off on the long drive back to Leeds we felt pretty certain that these guys were having the time of their lives. And would be doing so until the early hours!

–  Chris & Verity




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