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We’re not really ‘January’ people, mind you I feel like we’re probably not alone there! It’s always a chilly month here in the UK and if we do luck out with a beautiful covering of snow the roads are the last place we want to be. Even as I write this I can see the blue sky (one of a limited number of times I’ve actually seen it so far this year) being swallowed up by some rather ominous black clouds. January usually turns into a month of computer work and planning, both of which I actually quite enjoy. Looking at the year ahead and figuring out any changes we want to make to the website or how we do things. Not to mention finally having the chance to catch up with some long overdue blogging! It always seems like the perfect time of year to go over the late summer weddings from the year before. Partly because we’re both longing for those warmer, longer days, but mostly to look back and remember all of the incredible weddings we shot and the people we met along the way.

Izzy and Ben’s Middleton Lodge Wedding, all the way back in September, was certainly a highlight of the year for us both. Middleton Lodge is a venue we have worked at on several occasions however it feels like a long time since we were last there. So this was a wedding we were particularly excited about. We first met Izzy and Ben for their Yorkshire engagement shoot towards the end of 2016 at one of our favourite walking spots. We always love the chance to get to know couples a little more before their big day and get to know them as a couple. It always feels more natural to take photos of people when you feel like you know them a bit.

One of the things that we respect the most about what we do is the stories we hear along the way, from anecdotes shared by guests, to childhood stories told in the speeches. With that comes a certain amount of responsibility that I think is often totally overlooked in the modern media. It’s ingrained into the minds of content producers worldwide that everything needs a ‘story’. Often one that comes at the expense of the privacy of the people involved. Izzy and Ben’s wedding was one that deeply moved both of us, partly down to the stories we had heard from the couple before the day as well as family and friends on the day and partly down to Izzy and Ben themselves. As far as we’re concerned their stories are theirs to tell and their incredible wedding doesn’t need any help to make an interesting story. In fact I’m fairly certain that this particular part of their lives will be a story they will tell forever, without any background information or explanation. We really do love everything that goes into each wedding we shoot, and the stories behind the people we photograph are always important for us to capture a day as honestly and authentically as we can. But each time we look back over the images we realise we don’t need to tell the world about each couple, because everything we need to say is right there in the images. Two people, madly in love, sharing one of the most significant days in their lives with the people they love. That’s the story we want to tell.

– Chris & Verity


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