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The idea of a destination wedding can be incredibly appealing, yet the logistics of planning an event as important as a wedding from overseas can often be incredibly complicated. Kat and Anand originally planned an Ibiza wedding but decided in the end that London, with it’s incredible variety of venues was a better choice for them.

Having spoken to Kat over the phone when they first got in touch we knew how much Ibiza meant to them both and suggested the idea of a destination engagement shoot. We didn’t know what to expect with Ibiza but having explored it now we absolutely loved it! We love engagement shoots like this, learning about a couple as we explore a new place, hearing their stories and why the location means so much to them.

They are the kind of shoots that make us so grateful not only because we get to take photographs for a living, but because of the people we take photographs for. We had only ever heard about the clubs in Ibiza but Kat and Anand showed us a completely different side to the island, I have no idea why anybody talks about the clubs with scenery like this.

– Chris & Verity

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