One of the worlds most vibrant cities, filled with more iconic wedding venues than anywhere else and always an epic city to work in!

I've been chasing epic love stories around the world since 2010. When I'm not shooting weddings I'm usually chasing someone with a camera - my kids Riv & Bo, my wife Verity, even some of the worlds best triathletes with my sports work. You'll find me exploring gravel trails on my bike or wetsuited up in the river for a swim (only when the sun's out!)

If you keep your eyes out you might even spot me on ITV every now and again - I made it to the final of Ninja Warrior UK series 2 and 5!

I'm a London Wedding Photographer and Videographer working around the UK, Cheshire Wedding Photography and abroad. I've been shooting weddings in London for over a decade now and I've seen some of the cities finest wedding venues. Starting out in 2010 London has become like a second home to me and there's not too many months where I'm not in London for a wedding. I have twice been named Wedding Photographer of the Year, in 2015 I was included in the prestigious '30 Rising Stars of Wedding Photography' by Rangefinder magazine and I have won over 100 International Awards from the industries leading associations including Junebug Weddings, ISPWP, WPS, WPJA. I was also listed in GoHen's 'Top 50 UK Wedding Photographers' and SLR Lounge's 'Top 100 Wedding Photographers' lists.

Why I love London Weddings

As a London wedding photographer and videographer my work takes me to parts of the city I might never have visited as a tourist. I've fallen in love with St John Restaurant weddings, with their incredible food and the energy of a place that used to sit next door to one of the cities best nightclubs. I've been amazed by Morden Hall Weddings, a venue that just doesn't look like it could be in central London. Then there's the London wedding venues like MC Motors, or London Asylum Weddings, that are bursting with the kind of unique coolness that only London weddings can deliver. It's a city that I once found intimidating but that becomes more predictably unpredictable each time I visit. I can't think of any downsides to being a London Wedding Photographer and each time I visit I come away feeling a little bit of that special London energy!


As a foodie, this one had me star struck! Two awesome London wedding venues in St John and The Asylum and the most incredible couple! *Chefs Kiss*

Laura & Henry's stunning London wedding at one of the cities most iconic venues. The Savoy felt like perfect place for these two, fit for a Hollywood power couple!

Another truly iconic London Wedding Venue; Claridge's Hotel in the heart of Mayfair. A venue that looks fit for a king but feels incredible intimate.

One of the best things about my work is the travel, pretty much irrespective of distance I head out the night before a wedding to make sure I'm close by in the morning. London weddings are no different. I like to figure out ahead of time if it's going to be better to get the tube, an Uber or my van and have continiencies no matter what I go for but I'll have some lovely, go to locations for the night before to make sure there's minimal travel wherever in the city I'm heading. Generally I try to take the same mofe of transport as the bride and groom to be able to stay with the action as much as possible! Most of my wedding photography and wedding videography bookings aren't limited by time which always allows me to make the most of incredible cities like London. Whether that's a walk through the city lights or escaping to one of the parks and gardens that litter the city. The most important thing for me will always be keeping the day as natural and athentic as possible - allowing things to unfold without me interfering! There's nothing quite like being a London Wedding Photographer and I always love exploring new corners of this incredible city.