Peckforton Castle Wedding Photography Manchester

The amazing thing we find from working at the same venue quite often is how unique each couple makes it look, its all down to their personal choices and at the end of the day that’s what makes a wedding unique – the couples! We go into each wedding as if we have never seen that venue before and the knowledge that the couple chose it for their unique reasons. Peckforton Castle is a venue we love working at, its definitely a place that makes your fairytale wedding dreams come true! And this was no different for Jum and Mark’s beautiful wedding earlier this year.

Jum got ready with her bridesmaids at the castle, with family and friends that had traveled from around the World it was so nice to see their love and support for each other. Mark and Jum’s ceremony was beautiful and looked just as breathtaking. All the flowers looked so pretty and while they were walking down the aisle it looked like a fairytale. The day was perfect ending in an amazing first dance under the biggest glitter ball we have ever seen! We wish them all the best for their future together and its our pleasure to share their day.

– Chris & Verity

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