Over the years we’ve always felt incredibly honored to be asked to photograph around the world. With the arrival of our son River earlier this year we have made a conscious effort to travel less and appreciate what’s on our doorstep a little more. There is still one thing that tops being asked to shoot abroad however, that’s when couples go out of their way for us to photograph them here in the UK. I think we’ve made our love of the Lake District abundantly clear over the years and we’ve had several couples travel from abroad for engagement sessions in this incredible part of the world. Kitty and Tat flew all the way from Hong Kong for their engagement session – if that wasn’t going to make us feel honored I’m not sure what would!

So often we speak to friends in America or Europe who are planning trips to the UK only to find that their exploration of the UK is limited to inside the M25. Don’t get me wrong, we love shooting London Weddings and Engagements, but for us the real beauty of the UK lies outside of the capital. Having studied for his Architecture degree in the North of England Tat was well aware of the incredible scenery in the North and when Kitty dropped us an email earlier in the year explaining that they wanted an Engagement session in the Lake District we knew they were our kind of couple. We often call these shoots ‘Adventure Sessions’ – after all we don’t limit them to engagements! – and as we walked through the bracken and mud to find the perfect locations it certainly did feel like an adventure.

Sometimes we worry about asking couples to trek through the mud to get to a great spot, but from the moment they got out of the car we could tell there wasn’t a lot that was going to phase Kitty and Tat. Their energy was palpable and they are the kind of couple that we loved being around, so full of fun and excitement, not to mention their clear and unmistakeable connection. With her bracken bouquet and white dress it was hard not to picture these two on their wedding day. With plans still to be decided one thing is for sure, it doesn’t matter where in the world they go, these two will have an EPIC wedding.

– Chris & Verity


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