London Wedding Photography

In our work we regularly find ourselves meeting people who we most likely wouldn’t cross paths with in our every day life. In this case, as is usually the way, it’s just a geographical thing – Anna and Woody live 200 miles away in London. They are the kind of couple that live a very different kind of life to us, both successful lawyers in one of the busiest cities in the world while we spend our hours editing in front of a laptop or collecting up River’s toys from around the house.  Yet within just a few minutes of meeting for their engagement shoot a few months before the wedding, we knew that they were exactly our kind of people.

I don’t think you book St John restaurant for your wedding unless you are a foodie, or at the very least have the menu reasonably high on your list of priorities. It didn’t take long during their engagement shoot to learn that Anna and Woody shared our love for Masterchef Australia (I’m afraid the BBC just can’t compete!) and their enthusiasm for food – thus the venue. Our ‘cheffiest’ wedding ever that seemed like a who’s who of the restaurant world was at St John and it’s safe to say that if it gets the seal of approval from that many experts it’s probably pretty good!

What we love most about Anna and Woody as we look back over these images is how they work together as a couple. They share so many similarities and just the right differences that they find the perfect middle ground. So many times their expressions or actions seemed to mirror each other but what really stood out as much as their affection for one another was their respect for each other. It’s always nice to see couples who think the world of each other but it’s even nicer to see couples who show it. With a job as varied as ours we meet people with different backgrounds and beliefs from all around the world and it’s those people that we meet – or more specifically couples just like Anna and Woody – that are without a doubt the best thing about this fantastic job.

- Chris & Verity

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