Peckforton Castle Wedding Photogrpaher Cheshire

It’s strange how quickly things change in life, one minute you’re planning out an epic year of weddings, training and your first Ironman triathlon and the next you’re on the edge of a worldwide lockdown. It’s easy to get sucked in to refreshing the news feed a million times a day but sometimes it’s nice just to forget everything that’s happening at the moment and focus on the good in the world and right now I can’t think of a better wedding to be posting than this one.

We always say it’s not the wedding, it’s the people that draw us in on a wedding day and from the first time I met poppy and Dan I knew they would be a great couple to photograph. They exude the kind of energy that the best couples always seem to emit – they just work! There’s the old saying about love that it happens when you’re not expecting it, but by all accounts Poppy was not so much ‘not expecting it’ as actively avoiding it. I can’t really blame her, you’re only a fresher once and those first few months are for partying studying after all. Sometimes it’s just meant to be and the more time you spend around these two the more you realise that really is the best way to describe their relationship.

There aren’t many venues that rival Peckforton Castle and, complete with a horse drawn carriage, Poppy and Dan’s day was every bit the fairy tale winter wedding and exactly the kind of story we need at the moment!

- Chris  

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