Micklefield Hall Wedding Photography

Winter weddings are always a favourite of ours. Maybe it’s because we got married in winter ourselves or because we shared a love of snowboarding when we first met but I think really it’s because winter weddings bring us back to what a wedding is all about. Not getting married, but the wedding its-self. It’s something you hear cynics talk about all the time, ‘what’s the point in…’. To us the point has always been about bringing families together, one day that you get to spend with everyone in your life who make up your shared network of family and friends. Your own family tree, made up of the family you were born with as well as the one you made along the way, forever encapsulated in one day.

"Do you think you were born lucky?" That was Va’s response when Kilian asked for her number the first time they met. With everything that happens on a wedding day by the time the speeches were done I totally forgot to ask what his response to that was but after seeing the love on their day I think it’s safe to say they were both born lucky!

Micklefield Hall was the perfect setting for their day, the beautiful barn the backdrop for their ceremony and traditional tea ceremony that followed. There was no shortage of emotional moments throughout the day and it was a testament to them to see the lengths that all their guests had gone to be there with them. Here are a few of our favourites!

- Chris & Verity

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