Elopement Photography UK

2020 wasn’t exactly the year that any of us planned for. Our usual busy summer of weddings turned into our quietest year since we started Sansom Photography 11 years ago. The pandemic has affected everyone in different ways but one thing about 2020 was the way it made us look at the world differently. Goals and expectations went out of the window and – like so many people – we gained an immense appreciation for the little things we all take for granted. Photographing people in love has without a doubt been what we have missed the most and so being able to photograph Georgia and Kieran’s elopement in December was such a special way to end the year.

I first met Kieran, Georgia and Arlo at a wedding in 2019 when Verity was on maternity leave and still getting to grips with life as a dad. I think every new parent knows that feeling so we quickly got chatting and sharing stories. It’s amazing how your priorities change once you have a little person to look after so when I got an email from Kieran about their plans I totally understood why they wanted to keep it small and not delay.

Weddings take all shapes and sizes – actually I suppose for 80% of 2020 they didn’t! But ultimately it’s about two people who want to spend the rest of their lives together. We cannot wait for the big parties, the teary hugs from nan and the sweaty dancefloor moments. But what we love the most about weddings, is photographing two people in love. I loved shooting this wedding - you couldn’t ask for two people more in love, with each other and little Arlo. What more could we ask for? - Chris

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