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I’ve got to admit, we’ve never really been the London type. We love it up here in Yorkshire, with its countryside and café stops aplenty. The longer we shoot though, the more regular London weddings seem to become, and I hate to say it, but I think we’re just about starting to figure the place out. Our last visit back in November was for Lydia and Chris’ Houses of Parliament wedding, fast forward a few months to February and we were down South again for Lucy and Richard’s incredible stylish wedding.

In many ways it couldn’t have been more different than our last visit. From the X-Ray scans and security protocols in Westminster to an ultra-cool modern restaurant sandwiched between one of the city’s most well-known nightclubs and a film set that was playing host to some of Hollywood’s finest. Lucy and Richard chose St John restaurant near London’s Smithfield Market for its unique cuisine, as well as the awesome minimalist design. Lucy was maid of honour at Gael and Pete’s Yorkshire Wedding last year, both of whom were guests in London, having got on with all so well we felt more like guests than photographers!

I loved capturing Richard’s preparations in the morning, as usual it was a speedy affair but his groomsmen, fresh off the Eurostar from Paris, kept things upbeat. For the record one particular swear word in a French accent is one of the best things I have ever heard. Over at the Hotel, Verity was blown away by Lucy’s Chloe dress which seemed to complement the whole look of the day perfectly. It makes sense really, as a professional designer, Lucy had carefully picked out each and every detail to fantastic effect, creating one of the coolest and most photogenic days we’ve had the pleasure of attending. You could see Lucy and Richard’s connection from a mile away, it’s such a pleasure capturing a couples wedding day and when you have ones as awesome as Lucy and Richard it just makes the job all the more rewarding!

When we left for the drive back to Leeds, Midnight seeming more like early evening with the London streets full of people heading out or heading home, Richard and Lucy’s guests were still going strong. I’m pretty sure that not one person had left early and it’s easy to see why!


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color and contrast are great! fantastic, congratulations

Beautiful stuff guys 🙂 I have a wedding there, can’t wait now!

Thanks Claire! Yeah its an awesome location, really loved the minimalist look!

Beautiful dynamic images, WOW! Love this set! you guys rocked this wedding!

Thanks Erum! Really appreciate that! 🙂

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