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We often harp on about how much we love all of this, meeting and getting to know couples, shooting their day, editing up the images, and sometimes I wonder if I sound like a broken record. This year especially it seems as though all of our hard work in finding our style over the years has really paid off. To have a year with so many lovely couples who are genuinely passionate about their wedding photography has made it all more fulfilling than ever for both of us. For me Pete and Gaël’s wedding is the perfect example of how far things have come for us over the last 4 years.

We met Pete and Gaël a few months ago for their Canal Boat Engagement shoot. We were lucky enough not to be fined for not returning the barge on time, so busy we were eating hot dogs and chatting away that we finally moored up close to 11PM! From then on we both looked forward to their French farm spectacular with more excitement for a wedding than I can remember.

We pride ourselves in our documentary approach, watching the day unfold as invisibly as possible. Helping out when needed, influencing or altering the running of the day as little as possible. Most of the time you can break the story of a day into a few ‘chapters’, the morning preparations, the ceremony, canapés and congratulations etcetera. Pete and Gaël’s wedding was not like that at all. Gaël’s French heritage was perhaps the biggest influence on the day and I can honestly say that if this is what weddings are like in France then we need to get on a ferry more often!

The ceremony was held outside on the edge of a beautiful wood overlooking the Calderdale Valley. As the morning showers came and went it was touch and go as to whether the ceremony would have to be held in one of the back-up barns that had been readied on Gaël’s Family’s farm next to the reception. Pete made the best call of the day in opting to risk having the ceremony outside. All day it seemed as though their day was full of the most incredibly fortunate conditions but never more than as the sun shone out between the ominous and breath-taking clouds that loomed overhead. The day ended with an awe inspiring sunset over the mist covered valley, speeches were about to start and we were already well behind schedule – but seeing the golden light pouring through the wooden slats we had to ask Gaël to come and take a quick look. We try our best not to affect the running order of the day but when she saw the light Gaël agreed that it was just too good to miss. The four of us ducked out for ten minutes and as many frames as we could possibly take before the speeches led into the evening dancing that – we’re told – lasted well into the early hours of the next day.

The in-between was a simply unforgettable blur of dancing, singing, laughing and hugging. Not to mention the pitch fork guard of honour, sun, rain, hay bale climbing and fiddle playing. I’ll make no excuses in saying that editing this wedding was an absolute nightmare for the best possible reasons. We had so much to choose from that narrowing it down to one blog post was nigh on impossible. It was instantly clear how much family means to both Pete and Gaël and throughout the day we could see why. They both come from the most loving and welcoming families you could possibly ask for. Even with a mix of friends and family it seemed as though everyone at the wedding was one massive family. By the end of the evening we really did feel a part of it too! It’s not often we’re completely overwhelmed by a day but Pete and Gaël’s absolutely blew us away. That night as we uploaded the photos to the computer we felt pretty sure that we’d got some of our favourite ever photos but certain that we’d be in contact with Pete and Gaël for a long time to come.

– Chirs


Wow.. What amazing pictures that have captured so well this beautiful wedding day for Pete & Gael! We love the way they have recorded those very special moments and simply reflect the sheer joy of the occasion. We especially like the pictures of the walk from the wedding service in the wood back to the house!
Thank you.

Sublime!!!! What a wonderfull artwork… It really shows the joy, happiness and energy on that day 😉 Thanks so much

We are so blown away by these pictures of our wedding and your kind words. You are both so incredibly talented and have captured all the emotion and crazy fun of our wedding. Thank you so so much, we can’t wait to see the rest x P & G

This is absolutely amazing set! Looking forward for your next blog post!

Richard & Maryannig Horsfall

What a souvenir for Gaël & Pete of a very special day. Thank you for the lovely preamble to the photos and for capturing the mood & images which tell their own story. The photo of Pete & Gaël climbing the field against a cloud torn sky is exceptional, along with many others for sure. Grand merci et bravo.
Richard & Maryannig

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