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This summer was definitely one to remember for us, filled with couples who really understood our style and whose incredible weddings have allowed us to stock up our portfolios with images we absolutely love. Being able to connect with the couples we shoot for, during engagement shoots and meetings before the wedding, allows us to blend in more seamlessly on the wedding day which is perfect for how we like to work. So it’s always lovely to do engagement shoots for couples we know and have already connected with.

I first met Claire and Derrick over ten years ago around the time we were all studying for our GCSE’s. When they started dating during their A Levels they were the kind of couple that everyone thought would be one of the few who would stay together after we all left school. I never would have imagined that we would have ended up shooting their wedding, back in the county where they first met. This was a really special shoot for us, Verity meeting Claire and Derrick for the first time, sharing stories we’d almost forgotten. It’s amazing how you can go years without seeing people, but quickly find yourselves chatting away as though no time had passed at all.

We met on the grounds of the beautiful Stanton Harold Hall where Claire and Derrick will tie the knot next year. We’d visited before but as they showed us around a side of the estate we had never been to, overlooking the wedding venue it was easy to see why they have chosen it for their wedding day. We were lucky enough to enjoy a day that felt almost like summer with the spectacular autumn colours all around. We can’t wait to see how their day unfolds next year but in the meantime here’s a few of our favourite’s from the engagement shoot.

– Chris

Claire & Derrick - Sansom Photography-29


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