Bolton Abbey Engagement Photography Yorkshire

There’s a few spots close to us that have seen their fair share of engagement shoots over the years, perhaps none more so than Bolton Abbey. It’s a place particularly close to our hearts for a few reasons, we often take our dog out for a walk by the river up there, and just a few miles downstream of is where we got married. I think the main reason for me is Cavendish Pavilion, without a doubt the most regular spot for cyclists to grab some cake before continuing on (The main reason I cycle!). That said it’s actually been a while since we’ve had a shoot there so when we arrived for Jo and Josh’s Engagement shoot last month we tried to push ourselves to capture things from a different angle!

One of the best things about Bolton Abbey is that it’s just a great place to get to know couples, walking alongside the river we got to know Jo and Josh a bit better and as is so often the case we found ourselves quickly seeing them as old friends rather than ‘clients’. I guess that’s the main reason we do these shoots, don’t get me wrong, we love the opportunity to try out new ideas and get some awesome shots, but getting to know couples is always the most important thing for us. We’re both so excited to shoot Jo and Josh’s wedding at the end of this year and it’s safe to say that whenever we watch Grand Designs or plan out our imaginary dream house we’ll think about project manager Josh!

– Chris

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