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People often say to us how lucky we are to be able to work in weddings full time. Every time we head out to work we see excitement, joy and love. We whole heartedly agree that we are incredibly lucky to be able to do what we do for a living, not just because it’s all smiles and laughter. Especially the day after a wedding when our backs and feet are aching or when we arrive home at 4.30AM and realise it’s been 23 hours since we woke up. We consider ourselves lucky not because of what we do, but because we’ve found a career that we both love, that we’re passionate about and best of all that we get to do together. I think no matter what your job is, there’s always things about it that cause the odd sleepless night, but for the lucky few who truly love what they do, none of that seems to matter.

Like us Jess and Mark are fortunate enough to have found careers they are truly passionate about. Yet hearing about their time together and time invested in their respective careers over the years really brought home to us just how passionate they both are. They have the kind of determination and drive that radiates from them and inspires those around them to work to be better. Even in the short time we spent with them for their engagement shoot earlier this year we both came away with a renewed vigor to push ourselves in everything we do.

I think what we loved most about Jess and Mark (Aside from the fact that they chose our favourite venue in the world, the stunning Silverholme Manor, for their day) was the way that they have managed a fantastic work life balance. With an incredible group of friends and family they seem to live life to the fullest, truly enjoying their down time and time spent together so they appreciate their passion for work – something we’ve been working on ourselves this year with great success.

Looking through these photos to narrow down our selection for the blog we realised that our favourite thing about Jess and Mark’s collection is the sense of authenticity that we always strive for. They aren’t a couple that is defined by their career or their passion. Seeing Mark and the groomsmen swimming out into Lake Windermere in possibly the most flamboyant one piece swimsuit I’ve ever seen, or Jess with her bridesmaids and tending to Rory in the morning really highlighted to us just who they are as people. Hearing their heartfelt vows on the edge of the Lake showed us who they are as a couple and watching them dance into the evening with the people who mean the most to them showed us what they mean to those around them.

We were home long before 4.30AM and somehow our feet and backs didn’t ache quite as much as usual. It could be the air in the Lake District but we think it’s probably something to do with the infectious determination that these two radiate.

– Chris & Verity

The day was beautifully planned by Charlotte Rhodes – Wedding & Event Planner


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