Barmbyfield Barn Wedding Photographers York

I (Chris) first met Nick a few years ago at my cycling club, since that time he’s become a fantastic racer and left fair weather cyclists (Like myself!) in his tracks. Having been involved in sports as a child I’ve always got a great amount of respect for high level amateurs, fitting their passion in around work and other commitments.  One thing that everyone needs is support and Laura and Nick are the perfect example of a couple who really support each other in everything they do.

From Nick’s hours spent on the road, to Laura’s dedication to her business which she and her partners have built over the last couple of years. Our first 6 months of 2017 were filled with travel, with over a dozen flights in two months Laura and Nick’s Barmbyfield Barn Wedding in York was one we were both excited for.  As much as we love seeing the world and photographing new places, for us, there is no place like Yorkshire.

We don’t always get the kind of weather Laura and Nick had but the scenery and the people make this a county we love to work in. When we see weddings like Laura and Nick’s we’re reminded of what’s so special about weddings. These are two people with very definite passions in life, both of which are not only time consuming but require an exceptional amount of dedication. Yet it’s immediately apparent that they happiest when they are together. Being able to capture days like this will always be an absolute honour for us.

– Chris & Verity

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