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We’ve said it before but this year more than ever we’re reminded how lucky we are when it comes to the couples we get to work with. As we always say, that’s really what keeps us passionate about what we do. Lily and Khayam are exactly that kind of couple, add in our favourite holiday location – the Lake District – and you have the kind of day out we could shoot every day!

It probably helps that Khayam had a passion for film and TV that rivalled my own (Chris’s) but we always get even more excited for a wedding after a shoot like this one. Honestly, it could have been blowing a gale and bucketing it down (which it did at the end of the shoot!) and I think we’d have still lost track of time with a couple like this!

When we were going through the images for the blog we were reminded of Khayam’s passion for film and our own love of the classics. It felt like we could have plucked Lily and Khayam from any of our frames and into a 30’s romance and they would have been right at home. The sort of timelessly cool look that we just adore. We cannot wait to see them again for their wedding later this year!

– Chris & Verity

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