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I must have said it a hundred times, but when you photograph a wedding it’s impossible not to feel connected to the couple. But arriving back in Ashby-De-La-Zouche at the school where I first met Derrick and Claire 12 years ago, it set the tone for what would be an incredible day that we couldn’t have been more proud to have been a part of. Even back at school they were the kind of couple who seemed completely different to the rest of us and our teenage romances. When the time came for all of us to move on, to university or into work, we had all heard how the vast majority of couples wouldn’t last. Claire and Derrick were always going to be that one special couple that would.

As with so many of our couples they have the kind of connection that is as obvious now as it was back at school a decade ago. I arrived at the boarding house where Derrick was getting ready as Verity was photographing Claire and her bridesmaids (and bridesman of course!) over at the Hall. Looking over the photos after the wedding we loved seeing how Derrick and Claire shared the same nervous excitement in the hours before their ceremony. It really was a wedding that was all about family, with both sides coming together from across the world it was a poignant reminder that even for those of us who’s family are all in the UK, our weddings are often the only time in our loves we have the chance to get everyone we love together.

In the evening we took Claire and Derrick for a few photos before the evening reception began, from the hillside overlooking Staunton Harold we could hear sound of music and guests drifting over the fields. We didn’t have long, just ten or fifteen minutes in the beautiful evening light. While Claire and Derrick took a moment to reflect on their day, I thought about how much things have changed for all of us. And just how special it was to see these two incredible people, back where it all began for them, looking every bit as in love as they did as teenagers embarking on their first true romance.

– Chris

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Awesome work Chris! I love these images. That shoot through the dance floor of Claire & Derrick dancing is rocking! 🙂

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