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We always find it amazing just how many different venues we’ve shot over the years. Sometimes it even seems a little odd that we’ve only shot a few of our favourite locations close to home a few times. Crow Hill is one of those venues, the first time we shot there, a few years ago, it felt like just the kind of intimate venue we love to shoot (some awesome scenery just a stones throw away always helps!) Since then we’ve been back a couple of times and it’s cemented its-self as one of our favourite Yorkshire venues.

As is so often the case, after years of shooting just the occasional wedding there, we found ourselves shooting two weddings in just a few months. Fran and Ian’s wedding earlier in the year reminded us of everything we love about Crow Hill and we couldn’t wait to get back there for Kim and Matthew’s wedding in the summer.

Kim is about as far detached from the stereotypical ‘bridezilla’ as it’s possible to be. It was clear even from the engagement shoot that both Kim and Matthew just wanted a relaxed day with their friends and family to enjoy everyone’s company. On the day its-self it was clear that neither of them were going to waste their day worrying about ‘what if’s’ or fretting over the weather. It was one of those days when it would have been impossible to catch either of them doing anything other than smiling and enjoying their day.

We headed out onto the moor behind Crow Hill for some couple shots around sunset and were reminded just how incredible this part of the country is, and why some of the country’s greatest landscape photographers love Yorkshire so much. The slightly ominous looking clouds could have been enough to worry some brides, but I like to think that Kim and Matthew must have some pretty great karma. They managed to get the incredible skies that rain brings, with the warm light of summer still shining on them.

This is definitely the kind of couple who are guaranteed to live happily ever after!

– Chris

Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-2 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-31 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-1 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-38 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-3 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-41 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-4 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-42 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-40 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-6 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-23 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-9 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-26 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-25 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-24 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-28 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-12 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-11 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-14 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-29replace-1 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-32 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-15 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-30 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-33 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-17 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-35 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-34Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-8 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-36 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-39 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-18 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-37 Kim & Mathew - Sansom Photography-19


Awesome set, the couple must be chuffed to bits 🙂

Thanks Matt!

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