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As you can well imagine Summer is a pretty hectic time for us. It’s that time of year when weekends often consist of two or three weddings dotted around the country. Just this past month we’ve found ourselves in London, Manchester and the Yorkshire Dales to name but a few. We’ve had glorious sunshine, torrential rain and a load of incredible weddings that we can’t wait to share. Although we always try to keep this blog updated with our latest work, our main priority is always our upcoming weddings, followed closely by the mountain of editing we’re constantly battling to keep up with. That said we wanted to take a little time on this bank holiday to check in with some of the images we’ve been sharing on our Facebook page. If you’re not already following it the Facebook page is where our very latest images go and we do our best to pop a quick preview up there from each wedding we shoot. We’ve got so many weddings still to blog but as things start to settle down leading into Autumn I’m sure we’ll do our best to catch up!

– Chris & Verity

IMG_8247 IMG_9724 IMG_9773 IMG_8265 IMG_7452 IMG_3773 IMG_7272 IMG_0285-2 IMG_6066 IMG_1725 IMG_3682 IMG_3477


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