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Whenever we talk to friends from overseas who are coming to the UK to visit we always go on about how fantastic Yorkshire is. Don’t get me wrong, London’s a great place, with lots to see, but for us there’s just nothing that can match the incredible places Yorkshire has to offer. Brimham Rocks is one of those places. Just like so many of the countryside locations around here it really doesn’t matter how the weather is, you’re guaranteed a fantastic view regardless.

I often think we’re pretty busy wedding photographers, between edits, shoots, mentoring other businesses as well as the day to day running of our own, we don’t exactly take many days off, but just hearing about Phil and Michala’s busy schedule made me feel downright lazy! If two full time jobs and an adorable son wasn’t enough work Phil is also training for his commercial pilot’s license (I’m pretty sure that alone would be enough to keep me busy!).

Sometimes it’s nice to think that our engagement shoots really do give couples an excuse for some time off and we were so pleased that Phil and Michala wanted to include their 15-month old son Rory in the shoot. I don’t think he was too sure about us and our camera’s though!

The day of the shoot was one of those completely unpredictable days, in the couple of hours we spent at Brimham we saw brief spells of fantastic sunshine, bitterly cold wind and driving rain. It’s that kind of variety that makes our job so interesting, and helps to ensure that we continue to push for new shots. I know we’re British, and we’re supposed to moan about the weather, but when your hands are stinging from a particularly brisk wind and your walking boots are inexplicably wet despite their claims of waterproofing, there’s nothing like looking at the back of your camera and seeing the kind of epic shots only Brimham Rocks, the British weather and a fantastic couple can create.

– Chris

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