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This time of year is all about the start of the wedding season for most wedding photographers. Everything is ramping up for another hectic summer and the prospect of a wedding every weekend is something we’ve been eagerly awaiting through all of the rain and snow this winter. One of the things we do love about the few months before wedding season is the opportunity to try out new techniques or ideas without the time constraints of a wedding day.

Engagement shoots are the perfect chance to do things a little differently and so when Katie and Nathan suggested an urban shoot in the centre of Leeds ‘possibly involving a skate park’ we knew theirs would be an especially interesting shoot. We quickly got in touch with local skate park ‘The Works’ just out from the centre of town and home to one of our favourite climbing walls ‘City Bloc’, thankfully they agreed to let us pop in and get some shots inside the skate park.

We both enjoyed the walk around town, getting to know Katie and Nathan a little better before their completely contrasting wedding day – an outdoor humanist ceremony in spectacular countryside – which happens to be tomorrow! It’s always great fun shooting in areas and locations that we haven’t before, but it’s even better when we’ve got a couple adventurous enough to suggest that kind of location! We are both so excited for their Yorkshire wedding tomorrow and can’t wait to see what surprises are in store for their guests. My guess is that it will be a pretty early highlight to our year!

– Chris

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