Yorkshire Anniversary Photography

Over the years our proudest moments have always been receiving calls or emails from couples letting us know how much they love their wedding photos. We know first-hand just how important wedding photos are but we also know that not everyone is fortunate enough to love their wedding photos. Over the years we’ve done anniversary shoots for couples who’s wedding days we didn’t photograph to give them the wedding photos they always dreamed of.

Jacqueline and Mark contacted us earlier this year ahead of their 10 year wedding anniversary, while their wedding was an incredible day they just didn’t feel like the photos did it justice. So a few weeks ago we met up with them at the stunning Rudding Park for a shoot they could really treasure forever. Life changes a lot in a decade and for Jacqueline and Mark that meant the birth of their two (super cute) daughters and more recently the start of a new business. We always try to make our shoots as personal as possible and so we settled on Almscliffe Crag as the final location for the shoot, watching the sun set over the Yorkshire countryside in a place that speaks to Mark’s background as a Geologist and their new venture!

We were spoiled for choice as the golden hour light washed over the Crag and we were once again reminded just how incredible Yorkshire is and just how lucky we are to be able to provide more than just photographs for the couples we work with. Really, how many jobs are there where you get to give people something they have been longing for for the last 10 years?!

– Chris & Verity


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