Yorkshire Dales Wedding Photography

Having been in Yorkshire for over a decade we both consider it to be home, although I think the reason we don’t ever see ourselves leaving Yorkshire is that it felt like home from the moment we arrived. It’s hard to imagine wanting to leave, but when Richard did just that to study abroad in America he met his beautiful wife Madison. Returning to Yorkshire after finishing their studies Madison became as enamored with the county as Richard. Moving to another part of the country always seems daunting, but to head off to another continent must have seemed like a huge change. Yet seeing these two together there is no doubt in our minds that the universe conspired to entwine their paths and that their love was always meant to be. Certainly worth leaving Yorkshire for!

One of the things we love about weddings is the way we find ourselves so emotionally invested in the day. I’m not sure whether it’s being there for the whole gamut of emotions during the day, or just that we’re often zoomed in and focusing on two people at such a pivotal moment in their lives. Madison and Richard’s was an intimate day, shared with their closest family and friends who – on Madison’s side in particular – had flown from around the world to be there. It was the kind of day that we felt emotionally invested in right from the beginning, the whole day so personal to both of them – from the vows that they had each written to the incredible venue; Richard’s family home.

When we shoot weddings like this we’re reminded of one of the lessons we learned early in our careers, probably the most important lesson of all for us both. Weddings aren’t about all of the extra ‘stuff’, they are about two people in love.

Ok, I know we JUST said that wedding’s aren’t about all of the extra ‘stuff’, but as we drove up the road for a sunset couple shoot we couldn’t help but be incredibly grateful for the extra ‘stuff’. In this case that was the beautiful Yorkshire countryside and the most incredible light we’ve seen in a long time! The warm glow of the sun washed over the breathtaking view as Madison and Richard took a moment together to reflect on their amazing day. With love like theirs and a backdrop like this we felt incredibly privileged to witness such a beautiful love story. Here’s just a small glimpse into their day!

– Chris & Verity

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