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Just recently it seems like we’ve been travelling all over the place for engagement shoots, and so Holly and Mark’s, just around the corner from us was a nice change from the usual couple of hours in the car. We’d been there for shoots a few times but it’s always great revisiting new locations and searching for new shots and ideas. We even waited in the right spot until the inevitable plane took off overhead! We are always so grateful that we can go to places like this so close to home and get some amazing shots!

With Mark away a lot for his job in the Navy, we know that time together is really important for these two so getting the chance to capture some of that was a lovely way of getting to know them a bit better. It’s amazing how much you can feel like you’ve gotten to know people in just a couple of hours but when we headed off for the short drive home neither of us could wait to see Holly and Mark again for their wedding later this year. We’re still a few months off but I think it’s pretty safe to say theirs will be one of the highlights of our year. Bring on August!

– Chris

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