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Over the years we’ve heard quite a range of stories about how couples met and fell in love. From couples who spent years as friends before realising there was something more there, to couples who fell in love at first sight. Maybe it’s too many Hollywood films but we both genuinely believe that when it happens you just know. For us it was our first conversation in the living room of her shared student accommodation, sitting in a room full of people in our own little world. Within a few weeks we were spending all the time we possibly could together, not a lot has changed in the last 7 years. I think that’s why we got on so well with Emma and Dave when we first met them for their Christmas engagement shoot towards the end of last year. They are a couple who are so clearly relaxed and comfortable in each other’s company. More than that though, they are the kind of couple whose day we feel especially honoured to capture because it is so abundantly clear to everyone who meets them just how perfect they are together.

Their day was in many ways a rather unorthodox one with the ceremony taking place in Emma’s hometown in Lincolnshire and the reception in York where they both now live. We love seeing personality in weddings and it doesn’t get much more personal than a carefully orchestrated plan to include two places of such importance into a wedding day. I think in the lead up to the wedding even Emma and Dave started to question the decision to take a bus full of wedding guests up the motorway to York, the annual Tour De Yorkshire which just happened to fall on the same day just a few miles from their reception venue certainly didn’t help. Yet despite all of the possible ways in which things could have gone wrong karma or blind luck stepped in and we were all able to make it to Villa Farm (The reception venue in York) without the slightest hiccup.

We loved capturing every second and the day was made even more enjoyable to be able to capture it alongside our good friends – and amazinly talented videographers – Adam & Rachel of The Wedding Filmmakers – if you are looking for a beautiful wedding film then Adam & Rachel really are two of the best!

– Chris & Verity

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