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We always love trips to the seaside, no matter how much we love Yorkshire there’s no avoiding the fact that we’re about as far away from the sea as we possibly could be in the UK, so we were over the moon when Matt and Amy suggested Formby Beach. It was one of the first days this year when it really felt like summer and with their wedding falling almost exactly one year later we can only hope that we get the same incredible weather when it comes to the big day! We had never been to Formby beach but were so excited to see what all the fuss was about!

We had so much fun on the beach. Living in Yorkshire its not often we get to go to the beach so we definitely made the most of it! We left with so much sand in our pockets from lying on the beach but when we saw the shots we were so glad we did ! The beautiful forest next to the beach also made a great opportunity to get some portraits of this lovely couple! In a place like this its definitely easy to see why people love coming here, and I am sure that we will have to come back sometime! It’s always great to shoot in this kind of awesome location but for us these shoots are all about getting to know our couples. Matt and Amy left us certain that come rain or shine, their wedding will be one to look forward to!

– Chris & Verity

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