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It’s funny how things change from year to year, there’s always the summer season and the winter season but over the last couple of years we’ve seen the winter season catching up fast. Maybe it’s the unpredictable weather we have over here, which would make sense given that this time last year we were seeing what seemed like the year’s first warm days.

As always though, it’s incredible the difference a year can make and already we’ve had a fantastic period of good weather that easily tops last year’s poor showing (and it’s only the start of May!). I know, it’s stupidly British of me to be going on about the weather but when we looked back over Caroline and Michael’s beautiful Ripley Castle wedding I couldn’t help but be thankful for the conditions we’ve had so far in 2014. Arriving at the Boars Head where Caroline was getting ready it was hard not to feel upbeat, the sun was out and we were off to do what we love doing.

Whenever we stayed in a hotel as a kid it was one of those unwritten family rules that we would eat as much as humanly possible each morning. Every day we’d fill ourselves up to the point of being barely able to move and head out for a day’s adventures. When Caroline told me that she would be doing exactly the same thing in the morning I knew that hers would be the kind of family we’d get on with straight away. As it turned out everyone we spoke to on the day was the kind of person we got on with which always makes our jobs that much easier!

After the speeches we took Michael and Caroline out for a few photos over by the lake and it was easy to see just why they chose the castle as their venue. With a hazy sunset, a beautiful dress, dapper suit and awesome couple there’s really not a lot more we could have asked for.

– Chris

Sansom Photograpy Ripley Castle Wedding Photography Yorkshire, Chris and Verity are a husband and wife team working throughout the UK.


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