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Winter’s always a time of reflection for us, looking at what we’ve achieved in the past year and figuring out how we can improve on that. We thought things changed fairly drastically last year but it seems like this year is set to follow in much the same vein. One of the biggest changes to out blog is the ‘For Photographers’ section, introduced as a place for anyone looking to learn more about the industry. Getting the chance to chat to some of the world’s most influential photographers is turning out to be a great source of inspiration for both of us. Each time I finish a Skype chat I come away feeling more pumped than ever about the next wedding or engagement shoot.

Not long before Lucy and Dave’s wedding I had what can only be described as an epic two hour chat with Dave Getzschman. During that time what fascinated me most about the way Dave works is his use of 35mm and 120mm film at weddings. The funny thing is analogue photography is one of the big things that Verity and I connected over back at uni. We made our own darkroom down in the basement of my student house (Apologies for to the landlord for the mess we left down there…) and went out with my Granddad’s Cosina CT1 and Verity’s Nikon FM2 more often than we went to lectures. Despite that we’ve always felt apprehensive about using any of our now rather epic collection of film camera’s (One from every decade since 1920).

So, hyped up on enthusiasm (also – in Verity’s case – copious Red Bull) and with a bag full of 40-80 year old kit (As well as the usual DSLR gear) we headed to Hazlewood castle. I should probably mention that the film we shot is still at the lab so we’ll aim to pop some shots on the blog once we get them. For us this wedding is about taking everything we’ve done in the past few years and making it better. Pushing ourselves more creatively and aiming to make each wedding our best yet.

We loved the intimate ceremony and fantastic Vicar who involved everyone (Myself included) in the ceremony and made sure that we were in some fantastic positions throughout. It was a shame the cherry blossom couldn’t come out a little earlier but despite that the Castle proved to have plenty of great locations for couple shoots and we really were spoiled for choice. To top it all off the evening ended with a fantastic fireworks display which we both felt gave the collection photos a perfect ending. We always try to shoot the day as it happens but sometimes it’s hard not to get carried away pre-visualising shots before the day is upon you. Lucy and Dave’s was one of those perfect weddings where everything happened just like we wanted it to, and even the unpredictable light from the pyrotechnics seemed to work in our favour.

Right from our first meeting with Lucy and Dave we’ve felt like they are a couple we’d love to hang out with even if we weren’t shooting their wedding. We had a great time at their engagement shoot and by the end of their wedding we left feeling as though we had made a whole group of new friends.

– Chris


Chris and Verity Sansom are Award Winning Hazlewood Castle Wedding Photographers Yorkshire specialising in informal, relaxed Leeds Wedding Photography but working throughout the UK and beyond.

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