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It’s funny how sometimes we can spend hours planning engagement shoots, thinking of ideas and imagining shots, only to find that we’ve overlooked something minor that changes our plans. Chris and Anne’s Harewood Engagement Shoot was one of those days. It had been a while since we’d visited Harewood for a shoot, way back last year for Meg and Kev’s engagement session, and we’d both spent a lot of time thinking about what we could do differently this time. From different area’s we could explore to different angles and techniques we could use.

The last thing we were expecting was to turn up last month only to find that Harewood was still closed for the winter! Who knew!? (Aside from a whole lot of Yorkshire folk I imagine!) One of the things I love the most about our engagement shoots is working on our ability to improvise, a skill every good photographer should work on. As it happened Chris and Anne knew of a lovely walk around the outskirts of the estate, an area we’d never visited before and one that we loved exploring.

As we wandered along I think it’s fair to say we were both quite pleased that the main estate had been closed. Instead of working around what we’d shot before we had the chance to really get to know a fantastic couple, free to shoot anything we thought would look great through the viewfinder. It’s the same kind of freedom we love about weddings, made all the more enjoyable knowing that Chris and Anne were happy for us to work for our angles. Even if that did mean lying in the mud and scraping our shins on the brambles. What more could we ask for from an engagement shoot?

– Chris

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Wow, beautiful images guys – love the silhouette shot in particular!

Thanks Adam! We love a good silhouette!

You have a great eye for different angles. I love this set, very creative!!

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