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New Year’s Eve Wedding Photographers Ilkley

It seems strange to think that it’s been a month since New Year’s Eve. For us January is always the time when we look at what we can do to improve and usually end up doing lots of blogging, this year we’ve been getting the new blog up and running then ironing out seemingly endless bugs with it! At the same time Verity has been hard at work editing away as usual, one wedding in particular has kept us up late into several nights. There’s not one wedding from last year that wasn’t an absolute pleasure to shoot and we’re lucky enough that all of our couples were the kind of people we just want to be friends with. Despite all of that we were both certain our New Year’s Eve wedding was going to be something special.

I’m not much of a party animal, I haven’t drank alcohol in a few years now and nights out just never seem to live up to those blurry memories of student nights out. So when Stella emailed back in May asking if we were free for a NYE wedding we thought ‘That sounds awesome’, after all the last couple of years we’ve stayed in anyway! From the first time they popped over to chat about their day we started to get more and more excited about the possibilities, excitement exacerbated by the fact that Stella and Dom are two of the nicest, most fun people you could ask to be around. Maybe it was the festive spirit, or that New Year’s magic but from the moment we started shooting everything seemed to just fall into place.

The black tie dress code, the beautiful Ilkley Winter Gardens which was the venue for their day, the people, the atmosphere, the dancing, the expressions, all of it just worked. It was one of those days that not only made us both feel overwhelmingly good about being photographers but about our whole journey over the last 3 years. As the clocks hit midnight and the confetti fell we didn’t have time to do much except shoot away, catching everything as best we could. But a few minutes after, taking a minute out to look at the images in playback on our camera’s neither of us would have chosen to be anywhere else in the world.

– Chris

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