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One thing we love about the evolution of our business is how much ‘Engagement Shoots’ have changed for us over the past two years. Yes, they are all about getting to know the couples we work with on an informal basis, but that doesn’t mean they all have to be the same. Nikki and Adrian currently live in Singapore, but hired us for an Adventure Shoot in London earlier this year. After seeing our photos online they wanted their shoot to represent their shared love of the city and re-tell the story of their engagement.

We loved having the chance to work a real story into the shoot and, as we explored London and got to know Nikki and Adrian we started to realise that their wedding is going to be a real highlight of 2017. You always have to think about the traffic in London, with people too. Sometimes we like to make a point of including all the hustle and bustle in the shots to make it authentic, after all London is a busy place! We knew a little about what they had planned, but on hearing the details in full we can’t wait to see how the wedding unfolds next year!

– Chris & Verity


Love the use of shade as opposed to using flash- great sunset images.

Thanks ! We try to avoid flash as much as possible!

Wow, seriously you’ve captured some inspiring moments in an incredible manor.

Thanks Hiller!

Beautiful work as always, the silhouette shot with Big Ben is so good!

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