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I always think Verity and I are pretty lucky in that we don’t really argue – fortunate when you work with your other half full time! That said the one thing that does get us close is the process of narrowing down a wedding day to the photos we put on our blog! We try to keep things as concise as we can without missing anything out. Every so often we get a wedding that really makes us work, Paul and Neha’s was one of those.

With a ceremony in Leeds Cathedral in the morning, followed by a Hindu ceremony in the afternoon it really was like two weddings in one day. After a lot of back and forth attempting to narrow down the images from what has to be one of our favourite weddings this year we were still looking at a few too many photos for one blog post. The only logical step was to split the day into two halves, so you’ll have to wait a little longer for our first Hindu ceremony (Not long though, we’re hoping to get it online tomorrow!)

We’d been looking forward to Paul and Neha’s day for months since we met to talk about their plans at the start of the year. We were both super excited about the sound of their wedding and couldn’t wait for the day to come around at the start of a ridiculously busy August. We’d never shot in Leeds Cathedral, or even stepped inside, before, and it was hard not to be blown away by the incredible building and harder to believe that after eight years of living in Leeds we had no been inside. For me up at the front of the Cathedral, with it’s high ceiling and impressive architecture, I had the chance to be a bit more creative with endless opportunities.

Neha was actually born in Hong Kong and after the wedding moved back there with Paul. Along their travels they clearly made lifelong friends worldwide and it didn’t come as any surprise to us that friends and family attended from far and wide. They are the kind of couple with whom a few hours can seem like no time at all and we loved learning about the Hindu side to proceedings from Neha who was finding out much of it for the first time herself. Watching Paul’s groomsmen in the morning it struck me how much each of them wanted to help make things easier for him (Not that Neha’s bridesmaids – who must have a million air-miles between them by now – were any less helpful of course) which, to me, says it all about their magnetic personalities!

– Chris

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