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Meg and Kev’s Post Wedding Photography

On a wedding day there are so many factors to consider, especially time constraints, that affect how you work, so when we suggested to Meg and Kev that it would be great to do a post wedding shoot it meant that we could try out all these ideas that we just hadn’t found time to do before. This was a great time to experiment and work on things that we have been building on this year so that we can bring all our creativity to every single wedding in the future – also Meg and Kev are such an awesome couple it was another excuse to spend some more time with them!

The Autumn colours this year were so amazing that on the way over to meet Meg and Kev we were already brain storming with ideas on how to make the most of the season! When we suggested to Meg the idea of lying on the floor in her dress we expected a polite “No” but she didn’t even hesitate!

We were both so excited about the results and hopefully it will convince a few more Bride’s and Groom’s to go for crazy post wedding shoot in the future! We’ve got a few more weddings this year and another awesome one to come on New Year’s Eve, but I can safely say that this year has been absolutely INSANELY awsome! There are always ups and downs but this year has definitely had more ups, we’ve come so far and got to know and capture so many amazing couples. We always do a “year review” post, but I think this year its going to take a little longer to narrow down our favourite shots!

– Verity

IMG_4686NEW IMG_4810NEW IMG_4827 IMG_4852 IMG_6162 IMG_6215 Meg & Kev - Sansom Photography - Post Wedding Shoot-1 IMG_6396 IMG_6419 IMG_6468 IMG_6594


So sweet, this photos are the best. Stunningly beautiful shots! Great work.

Fantastic images! love the last one! 🙂

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