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The lakes will always be special for us, bringing back memories of our winter honeymoon. There’s so much to do and so many new places every time – not to mention new walks for us to discover. We hadn’t really ventured over to the West side of Windermere until Richard and Katie’s engagement shoot at their wedding venue Silverholme Manor in May. We loved it as soon as we arrived, grounds with seemingly endless photo opportunities, an incredible building inside and out, as well as an incredible view over the lake. What more could you ask for! Needless to say when Friday rolled around a few weeks ago we couldn’t have been more excited to hit the A65 and head to our accommodation for their wedding!

Lots of different things go in to making a wedding really memorable for us. The people, the decorations, the venue, the couple shoot, the weather. I can look back and remember dozens that stand out, usually for one of the reasons above. This one was special for every single one of them. When we arrived at Silverholme, Katie was getting the flowers ready while Richard was out for a morning run. We had plenty of time and so it was great to have the opportunity to wander around the building taking in all of the details while Verity got started on prep photos. I don’t think I’ve ever seen such a calm Bride and Groom in the morning, even as the weather started to turn everyone in the building just seemed incredibly happy to all be together.

The ceremony took place at a remote Church, South of Windermere, as rain cascaded down in typical Cumbrian style. We were granted a fortunate break in the deluge to head back to Silverholme but even as the rain started up again and the guests enjoyed the canapé’s, it seemed like everyone was oblivious to the weather! Even looking as awesome as they did Richard and Katie didn’t hesitate to head out onto the lakeside for some photos (I won’t even start on how fantastic that was for us!). Karma was definitely at work later on as the clouds started to part and we could nip off for a few more photos. The day was topped off with speeches that included the biggest bottle of wine I’ve ever seen (Although understandable when the father of the bride is in the wine industry!) and some brilliant photo op’s during the dancing.

With everything that goes into such a special day it’s often hard not to get caught up in all of the wedding industry hype. I see something new and incredible from a wedding somewhere on the internet every week, you can’t help but be in awe of some of the things that are out there. But despite all of that the most important thing is being with all of your friends and family to celebrate. Richard and Katie are both from the Midlands originally, but moved to Australia for work. Their friends also moved to an incredible array of destinations. But despite being dotted all around the world everyone showed up in force. Spending just a day with them it’s easy to see why Katie and Richard’s friends went to such lengths to get to their wedding. We really loved this one, we hope you enjoy it as much as we do!

– Chris

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 Chris and Verity Sansom are award winning Wedding Photographersworking throughout the UK and abroad on request, Silverholme Manor Wedding Photography is just one of our specialties!


Really beautiful work, love the use of reflections. Sterling! 🙂

Thanks Andrew! Chris loves his reflection shots!

Amazing photography, beautiful pictures wow can’t wait to see the rest x

Wicked stuff, love the reflections

These pictures are stunning guys. You really are two of the best photographers around xx

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