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We have been incredibly lucky over the last two years in that we’ve had countless fantastic couples and locations. We’ve met some of the friendliest people we could ever ask for and it’s made us incredibly proud to photograph weddings full time. Richard and Gemma’s York Maze wedding was the epitome of everything we have come to love about wedding photography – an awesome couple who both looked great on the day, a multitude of beautiful details and decorations and guests who were so clearly having fun it really was a pleasure to shoot.

The incredible array of flowers were provided and arranged by Gemma’s Aunt as part of a final college project and I have to say we were blown away. I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many different flowers I can’t name in one room, the whole venue looked incredible with little decorations (many of which were handmade) adorning all three rooms. Sometimes at weddings we see friends and family going above and beyond to help out the bride and groom, it was clear just how much Richard and Gemma mean to their friends and family who stayed at the Maze all day on the Friday getting the venue ready. It just seemed like everyone wanted to do anything and everything to make sure the day went perfectly and with so much goodwill it was hard to see it going any other way. Richard and Gemma are just that kind of couple, you just can’t help but love their company, in fact when we first met them back in September we spent most of the day walking around Fountains Abbey chatting away about their plans.

We’re not normally ones for group shots, I know they are often a necessity (Yep, we even had a few at our own wedding) but we always try to make sure they don’t take up too much time so everyone can relax and enjoy the day. Every so often though we get a wedding party who are in such high spirits that group shots become something a bit different. Richards groomsmen also seemed to have a fantastic aptitude when it came to positioning, the shot on the climbing frame wasn’t altered by us at all, that’s just where they all climbed to – awesome work there guys!

Verity and I were also blown away with our couple shots from their day, with so many gorgeous locations we were spoilt for choice! We finished with some photographs with Gemma and Richard sat with blankets outside their amazing ti-pi tent (were they were staying the night) and a lit fire – it seemed like the perfect way to end a perfect wedding.

We really did try our best to cut down the numbers for this gallery to make a concise overview of the day (Honestly!) but we just couldn’t! After spending a whole day getting them down to a number our blog could handle we were left with over 200 images, we both hate cutting out images for website galleries because we genuinely become attached to so many of them! A huge thank you to all of the guests and of course Gemma and Richard for booking us to shoot their spectacular wedding!

– Chris

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