Brighton Engagement Photography

2017 has certainly been a year of travel for us, our work taking us to America, France, Italy, Romania, Singapore and Indonesia in a little under 6 months. What we’ve always loved about our lives as photographers is that even if we’re not hopping on a plane, we spend a lot of our time exploring new places. Brighton was one of those places we just had never been, so when Casey & Anthony suggested it for their shoot we were excited to go explore! It was just what we expected! Amazing fun fairs and a beautiful seaside town!

Casey and Anthony’s Brighton engagement shoot was no exception and on one of the warmest (and busiest) days of the year we met up for a seafront walk in the sun. Learning about the couples we work for is a huge part of why we become so invested in the weddings we shoot. As we got to know Casey and Anthony and everything they have been through together over the years it felt like the incredible weather was perfectly matched to their positive outlooks on life. It’s hard not to get invested in a couple like this, and we can’t wait for their wedding later this year!

– Chris & Verity


These photos are MINDBLOWING!!

Thank you Liana!

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