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Sometimes it’s all too easy to forget how amazing Yorkshire is when it comes to incredible photography spots. In fact it’s a pretty awesome place to live! It never ceases to amaze me how many new spots there are that we’ve never been to before. Right at the top of our list this year was Malham Cove just up into the Dales. It’s a place that most people have heard of or been to, yet we’d never quite managed to find the time, so when Bex and Dom asked for a couple of location suggestions for their Engagement shoot last month, Malham was the first place that sprung to mind. With it’s incredible limestone pavement that sits atop the curved cliff, it’s tooth-like crevices winding down into the rocks, the cove makes for an awesome location to shoot in. So much so that it was actually used as a location in one of the Harry Potter films!

Bex and Dom decided to bring the immensely loveable Barney – their dog – along to the shoot. Who, much like our own, had the kind of face you just couldn’t resist. It’s a good job they did as we ended up walking/climbing/hiking for over 5 miles, it would have seemed a shame to have to head out again later to take the dog for a walk! We’ve not exactly had a harsh winter over here, but as we walked along getting to know a fantastic couple a little better it was impossible not to wish the bad weather away. Fortunately it does finally feel like the winter is drawing to a close and I’m sure before we know it, we’ll be shooting non-stop in typical summer fashion.

We’ve got a busy year ahead but seeing Bex and Dom trekking through the Yorkshire countryside, as adventurous as we could ask for, theirs is certainly one wedding we just can’t wait for!

– Chris

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Thank you for an amazing shoot. We love the photos and the whole family can’t wait to see the wedding photos you take 🙂

Amazing shoots, congratulations from spain!!

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