Victoria Baths Wedding Photography Manchester

Zoe & Tom’s Victoria Baths Wedding Photography Manchester

It’s been a few years since we our last Victoria Baths wedding so we had lots planned for Zoe and Tom’s awesome wedding last month. It’s always nice hearing what brought couples together, be it a love of the outdoors, careers, films the list goes on. For Zoe and Tom it was their love of music that brought them together and the theme was apparent throughout the day. Tom’s best man was in many ways to thank, playing a gig in London where Zoe was working at the time. From the table names (vinyl records that fitted right in at Victoria Baths) to the carefully selected playlist for the day and the singer who Zoe and Tom spotted one night after a gig and asked if he would perform at their wedding. Even the guests got involved, with performances from family and friends in one of the swimming pools.

Music is one of those things that really can bring people together, whether it’s a room full of people who have gone to see the same band, just two people who meet by chance like Zoe and Tom or a swimming pool full of wedding guests dancing away the evening. We all have songs that remind us of specific moments, our own first dance was to City and Colour’s ‘We found each other in the dark’ and takes me right back there every time I hear it. As I sat down to write about Zoe and Tom’s day and select the images to put on the blog I found ‘The National’ on Youtube (the band who’s albums and Ep’s made up the table names) and put on my headphones. It struck me as pretty serious music, but sincere and honest, just like Zoe and Tom and their day.

They aren’t a loud or boisterous couple, but they are one that you just know will stay together, with a quiet connection that was as obvious on the day as it is looking back through the collection. I’m sure I’ll listen to The National again and when I do I’m pretty certain it will take me straight back to Victoria Baths, in the main swimming pool as these two said ‘I Do’.

– Chris

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