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At this point it’s fairly safe to say that any aspirations I might have once had of some day working in the film industry have been well and truly surpassed by my love of photography. Despite that I still find myself [more than] a little addicted to film and TV. I get that sense of excitment every time Oscar season rolls around and I can’t go more than a day or two without watching a film. So when Xavier emailed earlier this year about photographing his wedding to Caroline later this month I was super excited to meet him in person. This is where I should probably explain that Xavier is not only a lecturer in Film theory but has written several (I think it’s actually something like 8!) books and is currently directing his own documentary. Not to mention the 70’s remakes he has in the pipelines.

Verity loves a good film too, but she doesn’t have quite the same taste as me when it comes to the…less family friendly films out there. I often find myself watching those particular films when I’m riding my indoor bike or when she’s at the gym! When we met Caroline and Xavier for their engagement shoot a few weeks ago I probably got a bit carried away chatting and picking up new film suggestions. After a while though we did get on to wedding talk and we both came away super excited about the big day.

For now though we’re popping up a few photos from our shoot at Caroline and Xavier’s lovely new home in the Midlands and the canal nearby. It’s always nice when we have a location that is special to the couple and what more could we ask than a shoot in their own back garden (Literally!) We were lucky enough to get some fantastic sunshine which we can only hope will show it’s-self on the wedding day as well!

– Chris

Chris and Verity Sansom started Sansom Photography a little over 4 years ago and in that time have become two of the leading Leeds Wedding Photographers working throughout the UK and abroad on request.


Your ideas inspired me. I especially like the ‘boat one’ pic. Pleasure to watch, nicely done! 🙂

Thanks! We are glad our work inspires you, we will try to keep it up!

What a lovely Photos. You look great together. Looking forward for more photos. Good day!

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