Wedding Photographer London

Wedding Photographer LondonIf you’d have told us a couple of years ago if we’d be regularly travelling to London for weddings we’d have been more than a little surprised, feeling much more comfortable in the Yorkshire countryside. Over the last few years we’ve found ourselves warming to the city every time we visit, with London weddings booked in for the next couple of years. In many ways our opportunity to act as Houses of Parliament Wedding Photographers was exactly what we needed to completely change our opinion of a city that had otherwise seemed alien to us both. With it’s incredible iconic setting and that feeling that everything was just on a bigger scale we were officially convinced a few months later for our London St John Restaurant Wedding. We’ve now got plenty of London weddings on the books and look forward to the opportunity to practise our London wedding photography over the coming years.Below is a selection of our work as London Wedding Photographers, please click the text for more information on our York Wedding Photography, Yorkshire, Leeds, The Lake District, Manchester and Destination Wedding Photography.