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As much as we love Yorkshire we’re always keen to make sure we carry on photographing throughout the country. The long drives back are a bit more tiring but they completely make up for being able to travel and explore new places. The fantastic thing about weddings is that every weekend is completely different, you never know what’s going to happen and I think that’s why we fell in love with it!

Lorna and Sean were married in the Bedfordshire countryside and were lucky enough to have one the sunniest days of the year! We arrived bright and early where Verity joined Lorna and her bridesmaids at her parent’s house around the corner from the church and I headed over to meet Sean and the groomsmen.

Lorna’s dad had lovingly restored a vintage convertible especially for their wedding so after the ceremony Sean took full advantage of being able to drive the car and took us to some amazing spots for their couple shoot! We’ve been waiting for some nice vibrant, spring colours and having been too early for the blossom at the last wedding we were excited to get bluebells and a bright yellow rapeseed fields on the same day!

As we were grabbing a few minutes in the evening with Lorna and Sean to capture the evening light we could hear some loud music coming from some amazing abandoned barns,  Lorna told us that it was in fact One Direction filming their new music video! I bet there would have been a few fans wishing they had known about that!

It was already night time when we set off yet the 3 hour drive home seemed to fly by and we still had time to look at a few of our favourite shots on the computer before we crashed for the night.

We couldn’t have asked for more on the day, so much to photograph and another lovely couple we really did enjoy every second. We look forward to the next visit London!

– Chris

Chris and Verity have been Papakata Marquee Wedding Photographers for just over 4 years, in that time they have been recognised by some of the world’s leading associations and organisations. They specialise in informal, documentary wedding photography throughout the UK and Abroad.


Gorgeous wedding and a stunning couple. Thanks for sharing these photos from the wedding – we were honoured to be a part of this. All the team at Stunning Tents

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