Peckforton Castle Wedding Photography

Over the years we’ve heard plenty of stories of how couples meet, dating apps, travelling, school. But it’s always the little details that stand out the most. Meeting at work, Rebecca and Alex’s story started like other’s we’ve heard before but the little details made it a story worth remembering (and go to show that nice guys definitely don’t finish last!)

Their day took place at the stunning Peckforton Castle, a venue we know well and always a fantastic venue to work at. Just a week after the birth of our son River, Verity was understandably on maternity leave for this one. Rebecca and Alex knew that V was unlikely to be able to shoot their day but we’d assured them we would get an exceptional photographer to fill in! That exceptional photographer was the fantastic Claire Penn, who contributed to the images below.

Anyway, back to the story. Not long after becoming aware of each other Alex and Rebecca got to know each other on a work night out. The two were strictly friends at this point but that didn’t stop Alex from taking a – not insignificant taxi – back to Rebecca’s parents house where he safely escorted her home only to then head off on another taxi journey back to his own house. I’m pretty sure that kind of consideration must have won his future in-laws over, it certainly made an impact on Rebecca. For as long as I can remember my parents have spoken of the importance of being a gentleman. Little things like opening doors, remembering to get flowers now and again (and not apology flowers!) just small things that you start to notice once you’re looking out for them. At the risk of sounding ancient it’s something you just don’t see as much anymore. Alex is a notable exception, and, combined with the venue, perfect evening light and Rebecca’s incredible dress that she looked beautiful in, this one really did feel like the fairy-tale wedding we all want to see.  

- Chris

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