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We’re pretty good at remembering all of our past couples. Don’t get me wrong trying to recall over 180 couples isn’t easy but each day is memorable in its own way as they are all so unique. Sometimes a venue is so different it’s hard to forget or the weather is particularly good (or bad!). Quite often though it’s simply the couple that make a day unforgettable.

Even with a supporting cast of exuberant family and friends the most outgoing, friendly and fun loving people on the day were definitely the bride and groom. Dave and Louise share a passion for the stage and we joined them at the Victoria Theatre for their engagement shoot at the end of last summer. Getting a glimpse into their love for musicals was a great way to get to know them both better and we came away buzzing about the wedding, even though it was months away.

As outdoor shots were out of the question before the speeches given the downpour, we spent a while trawling the Met for locations we’d possibly not have thought of before. All the while chatting away, Dave and Louise seeming more like friends and less like ‘Clients’ as time passed.

It’s funny how easy it is to think back to each wedding. I usually remember lots of tiny details, a particular shot I love or a spectacular venue. Dave and Louise certainly had all of those things and yet even now, a couple of weeks later, my overwhelming memory of the day is a genuinely lovely couple who could honestly brighten up the darkest of days.

– Chris


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