London Engagement Photography

It’s always interesting seeing old friends from Uni, it brings back some great memories and it brings home just how much things have changed since then. The first time I met Lorna was when I joined the Leeds Met Water polo team, back then Lorna and Sean were traveling hours each weekend to see each other. Verity and I decided to stay in Leeds after we graduated as it’s always felt so much like home for us, and the last 3 years have been spent working hard to be the very best we can at what we do. Earlier this year, still on a bit of a high after being invited to join The Best Of Wedding Photography I was pleased to get a message from Lorna asking if we were free for her wedding next year. So last weekend we traveled down to London for their engagement shoot and to meet Sean, 5 years after meeting Lorna!

Walking through the busy city it was nice to finally chat to Sean who it turns out shares my new found love for cycling (And possibly my increasingly worrying Strava addiction), suffice to say the four of us could have chatted away all day. Somehow the amount of people in London never fails to amaze me so we were both glad that Lorna had planned out a little route for us to take (I’d have felt well and truly out of my depth attempting to navigate) which included some less crowded area’s that proved perfect photo opportunities. Maybe it was the weather on the day with it’s strange isolated pocket of sunshine inside the capital but as we drove home into horrendous rain we both felt like we’d warmed up to London on our day out. We can’t wait to see how their wedding down in Bedfordshire turns out but I think I can say with some certainty that it will once again be worth the drive!

– Chris

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