The last time we saw Christian and Lorna before their wedding was for their engagement shoot towards the end of 2018. Lorna was fairly heavily pregnant at the time and Verity was starting to feel a little slowed down by her own bump! It’s funny how shared experiences like hiking through the Ilkley Moors can make you feel so connected to a couple! With our own baby due in May of this year we had always planned 2019 to be a little different. More local, less weddings and more family time. In fact we’re closer to home for more weddings this year than ever before. There was a point shortly before River was born when we began to wonder how it would feel heading down the M1 for a London wedding again. Although since we knew that Christian and Lorna’s would be our first wedding down south after becoming parents we felt pretty certain that we wouldn’t mind at all!

We’ve shot at plenty of London venues over the years, but none have impressed us in quite the same way that Morden Hall did as soon as we arrived on the morning of the wedding. It’s like a little pocket of countryside hidden in the heart of London and in many ways it brought all of the things we love about Yorkshire weddings to the busiest city in the UK. Of course, with a couple like Christian and Lorna the venue was really just the icing on the cake. The truth is they could have got married anywhere and we would still have been just as excited to catch up with them both and meet the lovely Anya for ourselves. There’s certainly something incredibly memorable about this one for us, with Anya and River both tagging along for the engagement shoot and both being born before the wedding!

It's hard to imagine how the day could possibly have gone any better, from the weather, to a newborn baby that somehow seemed to be happy to have her photo taken when needed and happy enough to head back to sleep in time for mum and dad to see to the days formalities. I think really it’s probably down to the incredible couple more than anything else. The kind of couple who wouldn’t have let anything spoil their day and the kind of people we feel incredibly lucky to photograph!

- Chris & Verity

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